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Great Science, Astounding Signals

Twente Medical Systems International B.V. is specialized in developing high-precision multi-channel amplifiers, data acquisition and communication solutions, first and foremost for (electro-)physiological applications.

The company uses unique amplifier technology, especially suited for use in "hostile" measurement environments, such as very noisy surroundings, in demanding ambulatory applications with potential movement artifacts or in cases with very poor electrode impedances. TMSi offers its products through OEM partners and sells them directly to the medical research community.

If you have any questions or seek specific information, then please contact us. We will help you as soon as possible.

OAB Fecal Incontinence Grant Winner

We congratulate Dr. Yingchun Zhang (University of Houston) with winning the OAB Fecal Incontinence Grant for his research titled “Characterization of the number of motor units and the innervation zone distribution of female external anal sphincter”. Dr. Yingchun Zhang used the TMSi Refa system and high density EMG grids for this research.


Strategic cooperation with Technolution offers large opportunities

TMSi and Technolution start a strategic cooperation

In February 2016 Technolution and TMSi have started a strategic cooperation. Technolution has also invested in TMSi. Both organizations strengthen each other by their expertise and this cooperation encompasses a joint product development.

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