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cEEGrids are flex-printed, multi-channel sensor arrays that are placed around the ear using an adhesive, to measure EEG.

cEEGrids are very lightweight, comfortable to wear and unobtrusive. With the Mobita system, two cEEGrids can be connected, enabling you to measure 20 channels of EEG!

TMSi developed the cEEGrids with Professor Debener from the University of Oldenburg. More information on the how to use the cEEGrids can be found on their website,  For price information you can contact us via the link at the bottom of this page.

    • C-shaped 10-ch. grid is placed around the ear.

    • Enabling EEG measurement for many hours.

    • Connect up to two cEEGrids to the convenient connector box for the Mobita system, enabling you to measure 20ch. EEG.

  • PDF File Download Debener-et-al-2015---cEEGrids.pdf

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