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Measure anything, anywhere

The SAGA 32/64+ is the all-in-one measurement system for clinical research in both mobile and stationary settings. Our innovative and groundbreaking concept with a separate Data Recorder and Docking Station give you endless possibilities.

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Signal quality

TMSi is specialized in developing of high-quality measurement systems for electrophysiological parameters such as EEG and High Density EMG. Our systems are highly versatile and have the best data quality possible. This makes TMSi the best partner for your (clinical) research!

TMSi is ISO 13485:2016 certified and all our products are certified as Medical Device. This means that our products can be used in clinical applications as well. With our quality system we are qualified to design, develop, manufacture physiological measurement systems, software and related accessories.

About TMSi

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unmatched signal quality?

The combination of high-quality amplifier systems and active shielding technology gives you the best possible data quality and the best possible outcomes of your research.
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