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COVID-19: How to clean your systems and accessories

The new coronavirus (COVID-19) has an enormous impact on all of us. Universities are closed, research that is not related to COVID-19 has been put on hold. From what we have seen happening around us in the society, but also learned from the experts in the field, we will have to deal with a 'new reality'. One that includes a potentially lethal virus, for which there is no vaccine yet. At the moment though, most of us are at home, probably writing papers, grant applications, or still doing research. But what will happen when we can go back to the lab and start our experiments again?


Mains interference

A signal that that is almost always found in an electrophysiological measurement is coming from the mains, 220 V / 50 Hz in most European countries, 110 V / 60 Hz in many others. It is a common mistake to think that if you are not connected to mains you are free of mains interference in your measurements.


Basics of Measuring Bio-Electricity

Bio-electricity, or the potential differences that we can measure between two points on the body, can give very important information regarding the electrical activity that takes place inside the body. It is therefore good to understand where these potentials originate from and what the challenges are that one will face when measuring them.


Measurement Principles

In the field of electrophysiological measurements, we distinguish two types of measurement principles: the bipolar and the unipolar measurement principle. Here we will explain the difference between the principles as well as the different unipolar measurements that exist.


Movement Artifacts

A common problem in measurement setups where the subject is allowed to move around is the movement artefact. Movement artifacts originate from two different phenomena:

• Movement of the cables
• Movement of the electrode


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