TMSi Expert Talk by Dr. Petra Fischer online

Did you miss our last webinar? Are you interested in neuronal synchronization during movement? And the role of the subthalamic nucleus in movement disorders like Parkinson? Then watch our webinar!
Cortico-basal ganglia gamma and beta synchronization during action control

Treatment options for movement disorders are very limited. To improve the effectiveness of deep brain stimulation, a better understanding of the interaction between different parts of the brain is required. Also the role of different oscillations in motor control needs to be determined.

Dr. Petra Fischer recorded EEG activity and subthalamic nucleus (STN) local field potentials in Parkinson’s patients, during movement. In this webinar she explains her findings. Her focus lies on neuronal synchronization between de motor cortex and subthalamic nucleus and how gamma and beta oscillations are involved in motor control.


You can read the related articles here:  ‘Subthalamic nucleus gamma activity increases not only during movement but also during movement inhibition’ and ‘Beta synchrony in the cortico-basal ganglia network during regulation of force control on and off dopamine.’

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