Opening of the TMSi Webshop

We have opened up a webshop for ordering simple accessories and disposables in just a few clicks. If you are in need of some cEEGrids, electrode leads, High Density EMG grids, replacement power supply or want to extend your setup with some sensors. There is no need to go into a complicated quotation, purchase order emailing that takes over a week to just order a few cables. 

You can easily order extra cabling, sensors or consumables. Directly pay your order using Credit Card or iDeal (NL only). Customers from universities or hospitals who need to go through a purchasing department or process may select Bank Transfer as payment method. In that case, the order will be optional or not definitive and a payment instruction can be forwarded to the responsible person for payment of the order. If we have everything in stock we will ship within a week from day of order.

Click the webshop link in the right top corner, or the link below!

Use the following coupon code for your first order in the webshop and receive 5% off:



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