SAGA 32/64+ update: release of firmware v2.0

We are pleased to announce the much-awaited firmware update for our SAGA 32/64+ systems.

In the past months we have been working hard, to round up the firmware update for our SAGA 32/64+ systems. Now everything is finalized, we are ready to bring this update to all existing SAGA systems. Since its launch in June 2019, users have been able to explore the individual ways of recording electrophysiological signals. We received many positive reactions from our users, enjoying all the features of the SAGA, reflecting the core concept of the SAGA system: “Measuring anything, anywhere, anytime”. This update is released with the aim of meeting our customers’ needs in order to enhance the convenience and increase possibilities of the SAGA. This firmware update includes enhancements and also solves reported issues. Now, the SAGA 32/64+ is more complete than ever. Below you will find a list with enhancements and a list with bugfixes and improvements.

New features

  • 16-bit trigger input on the Docking Station
    The 16-bit trigger interface was one of the features disabled in the initial market release of SAGA. In this update we activate this feature. Now you can expand your research with other synchronized devices.
  • Multi-device support
    This update allows multi-device recordings: run two SAGAs in parallel, on 1 PC.  This enables the possibilty to record 64 channels EEG combined with 64 channels of HD-EMG or create a 128 channel setup. It’s up to you.
  • Impedance mode
    Impedance values are now more stable and reliable due to improvements to the measurement method.
  • Power consumption
    This update improves the power consumption during mobile measurements. With a fully charged battery, recording times are extended

Bugfixes and improvements 

  • Wi-Fi connection
    We have fixed multiple bugs around the wireless connection between Docking Station and Data Recorder. The connection is established faster and has an improved stability.
  • Download speed of ambulatory recordings
    The download speed of ambulatory recordings and lost-sample recovery has increased by a factor 2-3.
  • Various fixes
    We have fixed various bugs to enhance system stability, making the device more reliable and provide a smoother user-experience.

How to get this update?

Updating your SAGA requires a return of your device. Please note this is a one-time process and free of charge. The update is highly recommended to ensure you’re getting the best performance possible from your SAGA. Contact for planning and details. Please mention Serial Numbers of both Data Recorder and Docking Station in your email to ensure a smooth procedure.



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