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Twente Medical Systems International B.V. was founded in 1999 by Jan Peuscher in a local barn as Twente Medical Systems B.V. (TMS) Later in the early 00’s, the company was renamed to Twente Medical Systems International B.V (TMSi).

Twente is the name of the region of the center-eastern part of the Netherlands and the location of the company. TMS has had its office in the largest city of the region Twente named Enschede, but relocated to the Oldenzaal in 2006. As of this day, this is still the location of the headquarters of TMSi.

The core business of the company has always been its amplifier technology, for which the original patent was obtained in the 1990’s. It was developed because medical professionals expressed an unmet need: they wanted to measure various signals (EEG, ECG, respiration) on very fragile neonates in an incubator. The amplifier technology that was available at the time fell short on a number of important points: it required very low impedances, so scratching the skin was a must and it was very susceptible to interference from electrical sources (the heater and the fan of the incubator for example) and to cable movement artefacts. In response, Jan and a few colleagues designed the first version of the Reference Amplifier (a multi-channel variant of the well-known Instrumentation Amplifier), with actively shielded cables, very low leakage current and very high input impedances. As soon as AD converters with 22 or 24 bits were available, the amplifier became DC coupled and completely filter-less, making it even more versatile.

Researchers and medical professionals soon recognized the quality of the amplifiers for a wide range of applications and not only the application it was originally designed for. To secure its quality, the company pursued ISO certification as early as 2003 and today markets its products as medical devices in Europe and with FDA 510k certification in the USA under a stringent quality system ISO 13485:2016.

Besides great knowledge of analog and digital technology needed for its amplifiers, TMSi engineers also have a vast understanding of electrophysiological measurements, sensors and related software. Our mission is to provide researchers worldwide the best possible tools to do groundbreaking (clinical) research in the fields of electrophysiology.

The company sells its products around the world, either direct or through distribution partners and has also developed special versions for OEM partners throughout its existence.

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