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TMSi systems vary from just a few channels to high density systems. Our sytems give access to data with quality you have never seen before.


SAGA 32/64+

SAGA 32+/64+ is a 32 or 64 channel amplifier for electrophysiological measurements such as EEG or HD EMG. The SAGA consists of two separable parts, a Data Recorder and Docking Station.

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The Refa is stationary system for measuring EEG or HD EMG. The Refa includes unipolar electrophysiological inputs (ExG) but also includes four bipolar electrophysiological inputs (BIP) and four auxiliary inputs (AUX). The Refa is available in 40, 72 and 136 channel configurations. Cascading two devices resulting in a maximum channel count of 272 channels.

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Mobita is a compact 32-channel physiologic signal amplifier system from TMSi. Mobita brings new meaning to signal quality, starting with an impressive set of specifications wrapped in a battery operated, palm sized package. This makes the Mobita perfectly suitable for mobile EEG or BCI applications.

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The Mobi is a compact measurement system for electrophysiological signals such as EMG or ECG. The Mobi is also available in configrations with auxiliary inputs for active sensors such as goniometers, pressure, temperature, respiration etc.

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Legacy Products

The Porti is a 32-channel stationary and portable system for physiological research. The Porti is a multifunctional system and can have unipolar electrophysiological inputs (ExG), bipolar electrophysiological inputs (BIP) and auxiliary inputs (AUX) for measuring EEG, ECG, EMG, but also movement, position, respiration, etc.

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