Medical Devices for physiological research and clinical investigation

Our certified medical devices provide the best data quality even in tough circumstances. Never worry about data quality or safety again.


SAGA 32/64+

SAGA 32+/64+ is a 32 or 64 channel amplifier for electrophysiological measurements such as EEG or HD EMG. The SAGA consists of two separable parts, a Data Recorder and Docking Station.

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SAGA 32/64+ for High Density EMG

High Density EMG, also referred to as HD EMG, HDEMG or HD-sEMG, is an advanced non-invasive technique for measuring muscle activation patterns. High density electrode grids provide more detailed information of the muscle and can be used for multiple applications. The challenge to acquire the highest possible signal quality under sometimes difficult circumstances is easy with the SAGA 32/64+. SAGA provides the best data quality combined with an easy to use connector cable and semi-disposable printed grid electrodes.

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SAGA 32/64+ for EEG

SAGA32/64+ offers a variety of solutions for your EEG research. Learn more about the different options to measure EEG and choose the optimal solution for your research goal.

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Legacy Products

In the past years TMSi has outphased products because of obsolesence and not available for sale anymore, but are still supported by our Support staff. Relevant information on these products can be found here.

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