Legacy Products

End-of-Life Products

The products listed below are obsolete and not available for sale anymore. TMSi still supports these devices as good as possible. Spare parts or additional accessories are available for these products. There is no impact on the warranty period, expected service life or Medical Certification of the devices on this page.

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End-of-Life per October 31, 2019


Per the 31st of October 2019, the Mobita has been declared End-of-Life. The Mobita is a compact 32 channel amplifier with wireless connection capabilities and was developed under various European projects. Mobita has been replaced by the SAGA32+

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End-of-Life per April 1, 2019


Per April 1st 2019 the Mobi has been declared end-of life. The Mobi was one of the first Bluetooth based portable electrophysiological amplifiers for EMG and ECG measurements. The design has become obsolete and is therefore phased out of the TMSi product portfolio.

End-of-Life per Januari 1, 2019


The Porti is a portable and stationary system with 8 up to 32 input channels. The device has served for over 20 years and is the first device that TMSi brought to the market. The Porti has become obsolete in 2019 and is replaced by the SAGA 32+.

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