TMSi Porti

End-of life

Per January 1st 2019 the Porti has been declared end-of life. This means that the Porti is not for sale anymore. If you already have a Porti, TMSi can still repair and service your device. The end-of-life declaration has no influence on warranty terms or the expected service life of the device.

TMSi Porti

Stationary & portable system

The Porti is a 32-channel stationary and portable system for physiological research. The Porti is a multifunctional system and can have unipolar electrophysiological inputs (ExG), bipolar electrophysiological inputs (BIP) and auxiliary inputs (AUX) for measuring EEG, ECG, EMG, but also movement, position, respiration, etc.

TMSi Porti

Active shielding technology

The Porti includes active shielding technology for clean signals and data completely free of mains interference and cable movement artifacts. It does not include hardware filters (other than anti-aliasing).

TMSi Porti

ExG inputs

The ExG inputs are configured as a reference amplifier: all channels are amplified against the average of all connected inputs. The BIP inputs are used to measure two physiological signals differentially to each other. Using these ExG and BIP channels, signals like EEG, EMG, ECG, EOG, EGG etc. can be measured. The AUX inputs can be used for measuring sensor signals like temperature, respiration, movement, force, angle etc. Each of these channels has a +5 V and -5 V supply in order to accommodate active sensors or sensor modules. For the measurement of oxygen saturation a special serial input is available. An isolated digital trigger input is also included.

TMSi Porti

Choose your model

The Porti system can be equipped having different number of input channels. Porti's with 16 and 32 channels are available.

TMSi Porti

Ambulatory measurements

The Porti can be used for both stationary as well as ambulatory measurements. In stationary setup an external power supply which plugs into the mains socket, powers the Porti. The Porti is connected to a PC by means of a bi-directional optical fiber. It is also possible to use a built-in Bluetooth telemetry module to send the data directly to a PC. Please note that the bandwidth may be limited when using the telemetry option. When the Porti is used in ambulatory mode, it is always powered by batteries.


Want to download the full specification brochure?

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  • Front-end with 16 or 32 channels
  • No cable movement artifacts
  • No filtering (including Notch filter) for true signal quality
  • Many different configurations available
  • Digital trigger input (isolated)
  • Bluetooth wireless communication
  • Battery compartment for 6x or 12x AA batteries
  • Max. sample rate 2048 Hz
  • Digital input for oxygen saturation (option)
  • FDA 510k approved


TMSi Polybench is a software application toolbox, a veritable blank canvas for the creation of customized configurations; from basic measurements to sophisticated research applications. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

TMSi Polybench can be considered a personalized “application factory” allowing the user to control the high-quality raw data input from any TMSi amplifier to build the exact system they need. Choose among TMSi Polybench pre-set functions and controls or build customized processes in pursuit of practically any conceivable desired outcome.

In research, by definition, the questions being asked have specific challenges that off-the-shelf software often cannot be adapted to meet. TMSi Polybench allows you complete freedom in design so that data collection, measurement and manipulation is completely under your direction and not limited by the design of any specific software offering or system manufacturer.

TMSi Polybench can accept input from all TMSi amplifiers.

Download TMSi Polybench

Interface for MATLAB

The TMSi MATLAB Interface is a library for MATLAB written by TMSi to interface the TMSi PC Driver to MATLAB. This interface allow you to acquire data, write and read. poly5 files via MATLAB and/or export data to EEGLAB (http://sccn.ucsd.edu/eeglab/).

Functionality that is included in the TMSi MATLAB Interface is limited to the signal acquisition part of the driver and loading data from previously recorded data in TMSi Polybench or the TMSi MATLAB Interface. All functionality needed to perform on-board memory recordings (so-called ambulatory measurement) as present in the Mobita, Mobi and Porti is NOT implemented.

The code in the TMSi MATLAB Interface is a MATLAB library for sampling TMSi devices. The goal of this library is to give an easy programmable interface to TMSi devices. It contains basic examples that should be enough to get you started.

The library provides:
• Sampling from USB, Wi-Fi, network and Bluetooth TMSi devices.
• (Limited) Real-Time plotting of sampled data.
• Directly saving sampled data to .Poly5 file format.
• Offline export of .Poly5 data to EEGLAB.
• Support for sampling using SynFi and Fusbi.

Note that TMSi does not support usage of the TMSi Interface for MATLAB.

The interface is distributed under MIT license, but can not be supported by TMSi support personnel.

Compatible with the following devices: REFA Extended, REFA, Mobita, Mobi, Porti.

Download the interface for MATLAB here

Third Party Software


OpenViBE is a software platform dedicated to designing, testing and using brain-computer interfaces. OpenViBE is free and open source software and is now compatible with TMSi amplifiers!

More info about Openvibe
TMSi Porti

Product Package

Porti amplifier
Optical fiber 10m
Medical grade power supply
Carrying bag
Fiber to USB convertor (Fusbi)
USB Cable (1.8 m)
Drivers for Windows
User Manual Patient ground cables (1.5 m)
Patient ground wristbands

TMSi Porti


Active sensors to complete your measurement setup. The Porti supports up to 4 sensors

• 3D accelerometer
• Respiration sensor
• Temperature
• Goniometers
• Pressure sensor
• Footswitches

TMSi Porti


These patient leads are compatible with the unipolar inputs of the Porti.

• Snap electrode 1.5m
• Snap electrode 3.0m
• Ag/AgCl cup electrode 1.5m
• Ag/AgCl earclip electrode 2m
• Micro electrode 1.5m
• Fine wire electrode
• Water electrode 1.5m
• Pin electrode for EEG / NIRS
• EEG Ring electrode

TMSi Porti

Spare Parts

• Optical fiber: 10, 20, 70 meters
• Suitcase
• Medical Grade Power Supply
o SUP3 (EU)
o SUP5 (US)
• Patient Ground cable
• Patient Ground Wristband