Measure EEG,

TMSi provides different solutions for brain research depending on the measurement setup and customer preferences. We offer solutions for mobile EEG experiments and fully equipped multi-modal stationary EEG experiments.

TMSi SAGA 32/64+ for EEG

Measure EEG,

The optimal solution for all measurement setups

Mobile or stationary setups?

SAGA32/64+ is designed in a way that it allows easy use in stationary, desktop research setups, but also in mobile settings. In stationary or lab setups the SAGA Data Recorder is connected to the SAGA Docking Station and in mobile measurement setups, the subject is wearing the SAGA Data Recorder in a convenient bracket and the data is transmitted wireless or stored on the onboard memory. Regardless of the setup, our solutions for EEG research provide you with the best data quality in all circumstances.

SAGA32/64+ is not intended to be used for diagnosis or treatment of disease. Our products are not marketed as Medical Devices and are to be used for research purposes only.

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Integrated electrodes in a head cap

BrainWave EEG head caps

The Brainwave EEG head caps are perfect for quick and clean measurement setups. The wiring and electrodes are integrated in a head cap made out of lightweight fabric. The head caps are easy to use and easy to apply, as you only need to inject a little bit of gel in the electrodes to start your EEG measurement. The BrainWave head caps are recommended for mobile EEG, but also for high density EEG measurements. The caps are available in different sizes varying from 25 cm head circumference (neonatal) to 62 cm (large adults) and different electrode configurations.

Innovative behind-the-ear EEG

cEEGrid - unobtrusive EEG

The cEEGrid is a novel solution for measuring brain activity. It allows acquisition of brain activity using a flexible C-shaped grid placed around the ear. The cEEGrid was invented by professor Debener from the University of Oldenburg in collaboration with TMSi. Each grid consists of ten printed Ag/AgCl electrodes on a flexible grid which are to be placed around the ear using a double-sided sticker. The semi-disposable grids are connected to a connector box which can be connected to the SAGA device. cEEGrids can be used for a variety of applications such as P300 measurements.

More about cEEGrids (external website)
Quick and easy EEG solution

Water-based EEG head caps

Sometimes preparation time is critical. For this, we offer water-based EEG electrodes. The water electrodes are made of Ag/AgCl pin electrodes in a plastic holder. In that holder a piece of cotton soaked in (tap) water is placed and then pushed in rubber holders in a head cap. The soaked cotton makes contact with the skin and you are ready to start your measurement. Water-based electrodes are used in applications such as Brain Computer Interfacing or EEG measurement with low number of channels.

  • Optimal data quality in both stationary and mobile settings
  • Active Shielding technology to prevent cable movement artefacts and mains interference
  • Impedance mode to check electrode contact quality
  • 16-bit trigger input on Docking Station and 1-bit trigger interface on Data Recorder
  • Synchronization output for integration with external devices
  • Lost data recovery in mobile setups
  • Data Recorder with 32 or 64 unipolar inputs, 2 dual bipolar inputs (4 channels), 3 triple auxiliary inputs (9 channels), digital sensor (1 channel), build-in 3D accelerometer, event marker button.
  • Premium data quality:
    o 24-bit resolution
    o True DC: 0-800 Hz analogue bandwidth
    o Max 4096 Hz sampling rate,
    o < 0,8 µVrms noise (0,1 … 100 Hz)
    o 100 dB CMRR (@50/60 Hz)
    o +/- 150 mV input range
    Input range up to +/- 600 mV available on request.
  • Drivers for Windows 10 (64-bit) and Linux OS
  • Direct interface to MATLAB available
Technical Concept

Separable Docking Station and
Data Recorder

We support the various use scenarios with the innovative Data Recorder – Docking Station concept. This gives the optimal data transmission in stationary/lab setups and the optimal wearability in mobile or outdoor setups.


Data Recorder

The Data Recorder contains the amplifier that measures the electrophysiological signals from your brain, muscles, heart or any other bio-electrical source. The Data Recorder can connect to the SAGA Docking Station in three ways: docked to each other, via Wi-Fi or via optical fiber. Use the Data Recorder without the Docking Station in ambulatory mode for home monitoring or outdoor use.


Docking Station

The Docking Station is the communication interface to your PC and the main processing unit of data packages. It collects the data from the Data Recorder, together with any additional event triggers on the 16-bit trigger input and keeps track of any lost data in wireless transmission. The data is send to the PC via the USB output.



TMSi Polybench is a software application toolbox, a veritable blank canvas for the creation of customized configurations; from basic measurements to sophisticated research applications. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

TMSi Polybench can be considered a personalized “application factory” allowing the user to control the high-quality raw data input from any TMSi amplifier to build the exact system they need. Choose among TMSi Polybench pre-set functions and controls or build customized processes in pursuit of practically any conceivable desired outcome.

In research, by definition, the questions being asked have specific challenges that off-the-shelf software often cannot be adapted to meet. TMSi Polybench allows you complete freedom in design so that data collection, measurement and manipulation is completely under your direction and not limited by the design of any specific software offering or system manufacturer.

TMSi Polybench can accept input from all TMSi amplifiers.

Download TMSi Polybench
MATLAB Interface

SAGA Interface for MATLAB

The SAGA Interface for MATLAB is a library for MATLAB that allows direct interfacing to TMSi amplifiers to acquire data, write and read (.poly5) files via MATLAB and/or export data to EEGLAB (

The goal of the library is to give an easy programmable interface to SAGA 32+ and SAGA64+. It contains basic examples that should be enough to get you started.

The library provides:
• Sampling from SAGA 32+ and SAGA 64+.
• (Limited) Real-Time plotting of sampled data.
• Directly saving sampled data to .Poly5 file format.
• Offline export of .Poly5 data to EEGLAB.

The SAGA Interface for MATLAB is a free library available for download. TMSi supports the usage of the interface to the extend of the installation of the interface, communication between driver and interface and the interface itself. Note that TMSi cannot support the usage of MATLAB.

The interface is distributed under MIT license. Please respect the license conditions. Note that functionality for on-board (ambulatory) recordings on SAGA is not supported by the SAGA Interface for MATLAB. This requires a TMSi Polybench license.

The SAGA Interface for MATLAB can be found here.

The SDK can be used by software developers to interface to SAGA32/64+. Please contact us for more information.

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Software Development Kit


EEG Package Sets

We offer our solutions in different packages, all depending on your application and needs. Feel free to contact our sales team for question about the different packages.

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SAGA 32/64+ system

SAGA 32+ or SAGA 64+

SAGA32+ or SAGA64+ vary in one aspect: the number of unipolar electrophysiology channels. This is either 32 or 64 channels, all other items are the same for both systems.

SAGA32/64+ Amplifier
• SAGA 32+ Data Recorder or SAGA 64+ Data Recorder
• SAGA Docking Station

System accessories
• Mains power adapter
• USB Cable (1.8m)
• Patient Ground Wristbands
• Patient Ground Cable
• Common Reference Cable
• Optical Fiber (10m)
• Battery and external battery charger
• SAGA Bracket + Straps
• User Manual
• USB Stick with TMS SAGA Device Driver and TMSi Polybench
• Suitcase
• Dual bipolar cable for EMG, ECG and/or EOG (snap-on electrodes)
• Single bipolar cable for EMG, ECG and/or EOG (snap-on electrodes)
• Bag of 50x disposable snap electrodes

Available in 32 or 64 channel versions

BrainWave EEG Package

Brainwave EEG Head Caps*
• Brainwave EEG Head cap Size S (32/64 channels)
• Brainwave EEG Head cap Size M (32/64 channels)
• Brainwave EEG Head cap Size L (32/64 channels)
*Head caps are available in various sizes. Check the technical documentation for sizing charts. S, M and L cover the majority of the adult population. Any size configuration is possible.

• EEG Basic Kit: Gel, syringe, head measurement tape

Available in 32 channels

Waterbased H2O EEG Package

Waterbased H2O EEG packages can be composed in two variants: using a dedicated 32 channel H2O EEG cap, or by single lead H2O electrodes via the SAGA break-out-box (see photo). The 32 channel H2O EEG multi-channel cable connects directly 32 H2O electrodes to the SAGA whereas the solution via Break Out Box allows single lead EEG, making it easier to use the waterbased electrodes in low channel count setups or experimentation purposes.

Waterbased H2O EEG head caps
• Waterbased H2O EEG Head cap Size S (max 32 channels)
• Waterbased H2O EEG Head cap Size M (max 32 channels)
• Waterbased H2O EEG Head cap Size L (max 32 channels)
*Head caps are available in various sizes. Check the technical documentation for sizing charts. S, M and L cover the majority of the adult population. Any size configuration is possible.

Option 1: Multicable with 32x H2O EEG electrodes (ch. 1-32)
Option 2: BreakOutBox with 32 individual inputs in 10-20 head layout
• 32x waterbased H2O EEG electrode with single lead connectors
• Inserts for water electrodes (package of 100)


cEEGrid Package

Measure EEG using the innovative, unobtrusive semi-disposable cEEGrids.
• Adapter cable for connecting 2x cEEGrids to SAGA.
• (Semi-)disposable cEEGrid with 10 channels, including pre-applied adhesive
• Double sided adhesives for cEEGrids
• cEEGrid basic kits including gel and applicator tool

EEG compatible with Easycap

EEG Ring electrode Package

Measure EEG using ring electrodes compatible with Easy caps.
• Multicable with 32x Ring electrodes.
• Easycaps with 74 holders. Sizes S, M and L
• EEG Basic Kit: Gel, syringe, head measurement tape


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