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Mobita® is the new compact 32-channel physiologic signal amplifier system from TMSi. Mobita® brings new meaning to flexibility, starting with an impressive set of specifications wrapped in a battery operated, palm sized package. This makes the Mobita® perfectly suitable for mobile EEG or BCI applications.

Mobita® features proprietary TAS2 (True Active Signal Shielding) technology from TMSi for clean signals and data completely free of mains interference and cable movement artifacts.

The key to Mobita® its flexibility lies in its impressive technical capabilities coupled with our new and patented ConfiCapTM headers. ConfiCapTM allows you to quickly change the configurations of the inputs for specific applications (i.e. EEG or EMG), customize your own design or create research protocol driven configurations. Simply disconnect one header and snap on a new configuration for a completely different application. With ConfiCapTM, one system can be quickly reconfigured to do the work of multiple systems without the added cost of multiple amplifiers.

Mobita® is battery operated, rechargeable and its compact size, integrated WiFi connectivity and impressive flexibility combined to create ultimate solution in a mobile physiologic measurement device. Rugged construction coupled with TMSi TAS2 technology make Mobita® uniquely suited for tough and demanding measurement situations like sports, movement analysis, brain-computer interfacing, home-based ambulatory testing and many more.

    • No cable movement artifacts

    • True DC recording

    • Up to 32 channels

    • 24 bit data resolution

    • Flash disk recording (up to 16 GB) for data back-up and holter applications

    • Built-in WiFi telemetry (range typical>10m indoors)

    • Rechargeable Li-Po battery

    • Sturdy, dustproof and water resistant enclosure

    • Built-in 3D accelerometer for position and movement information

    • No hardware filtering

    • CE certified (class 2A, type CF)

  • User Manual_Mobita_EN-Rev6.pdf

  • J. Askamp, M.J.A.M van Putten (2014) 
    Mobile EEG in epilepsy.

    International Journal of Psychophysiology - Volume 91, Issue 1, January 2014, Pages 30-35

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